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Thank you for visiting our site which sets out the multitude of issues adversely affecting the road freight industry in the UK.  Your support here is really vital and is appreciated. 

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This site is the central web site for a crucial campaign launched to tackle the surging price of UK road fuel over recent weeks.

We are appealing for everyone with an interest in a successful UK road freight industry to back this new campaign.  Fuel prices are now at unsustainable levels.  It is a crisis situation.  Please give your support.  Thank you again for your interest, help and support.

Road Freight issues

  • Foreign trucks are pouring into the UK in ever greater numbers.
  • They bring in cheap fuel bought abroad and can therefore ‘undercut’ their British counterparts. 
  • Statistics gathered by our Government demonstrate that foreign trucks are generally not as safe as British Trucks. Proportionately, many more are involved in road crashes than British Trucks and, proportionately, more fail road side safety checks.
  • Many come from countries where the safety inspection regime is not as strong as that in Britain.  Many are ‘over weight’.  
  • The foreign trucks do not contribute to our economy. 
  • Their fuel duty, their road tax, their drivers PAYE and insurance are all paid abroad. 
  • On the other hand, British trucks are a vital part of the UK economy.  We pay our taxes here.

Our campaign aims are simple

  • We want a Fair Deal for British Truckers.  We accept that foreign trucks have the right to enter Britain and compete with us. 
  • We do not want special treatment.  We just want a level playing field.
  • If foreign trucks come here, they should be inspected to the same safety standards. 
  • They should be prevented from entering Britain if they are ‘over weight’.
  • The Government needs to realise that every time it raises Fuel Tax in the UK, the gap between British Hauliers and Foreign Hauliers gets wider.
  • The Government could do so much more to help the 6th largest employer in the UK… 
  • Some say that Fuel Tax needs to go up to ‘save the environment’.  Increasing Fuel Tax for British Hauliers does not ‘save the environment’ – it just means that more foreign vehicles come to Britain and burn their fuel here.

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